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Homework Help: Magnetic field

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    I am having trouble drawing the diagram.

    Here is the question:
    A long straight wire carries a 10 amo current due north. where are you if you experience a magnetic field that is directed at 42 degrees above due east?
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    Imagine a long straight wire suspended above the ground running from south to north. You can go under the wire or over it to any point surrounding the wire. Where are the points at which the magnetic field is pointing east, but at an angle of inclination (toward the sky) of 42 degrees
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    Andrew Mason

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    Use the right hand rule to determine the direction of the magnetic field around the conductor. Look at the cross-section of the wire pointing north. The magnetic field lines form concentric circles directed in a clockwise direction. Find a tangent line to a circle that is pointing east and then find a tangent that is 42 degrees above that line. Does that help you?

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