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Medical Magnetic Fields and Cancer

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    I am concerned at some of the studies which investigate cancer and DNA Damage to brain cells and such.


    Now I understand that there is a big hype around the radiation of cellphones potentially causing cancer. It's electromagnetic energy of sorts.

    The above article claims that Electro-Magnetic energy in the 60 hertz range can cause cell damage to the brain.

    Is this not the same thing as cancer? Irreversible cell damage which eventually spreads?

    How can one differentiate between the damage done from Cell Phone Radiation and Electro-Magnetic AC energy?

    Additionally, It worries me to think that my audio headphones could be doing any sort of damage as well. Does DC power emit an entirely different energy field in terms of what the 60 Hertz AC study was founded on?

    Any additional reading material would be of great interest. Thank you.
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    This smells funny to me.

    However, to answer your questions - 60hz magnetic fields are what you get from home electricity. AC power is at 60 hz. Cell phones operate at ~900 or ~1900mhz.

    Cancer is not damage to cells. Cancer is cells that reproduce in an uncontrolled fashion.

    DC power has no frequency. That's what "DC" means!
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    I thought it meant Alternating Current and Direct Current. From what little I know of it...

    So what you're saying is sort of what I thought. That this 60 hertz of electromagnetic fields which caused the death of cells, really has nothing to do with the current belief that cell phones might cause tumors.

    That's what I am trying to differentiate. The difference bewteen cell phone radiation and electro-magnetic radiation.

    One being caused by radio waves, cell phones. And one through electro-magnetism, or AC power.

    I mean they are both in the electromagnetic spectrum. I am just trying to understand how similar these studies are to each other or how vastly different the experiment and the results are from each other.

    Cell Phone Radiation and Cancer vs. Electromagnetism and DNA Cell Brain Damage.

    When you say it smells funny, are you considering the experiment I posted to... or my current mis-understandings of what it's all about?

    Basically... are you saying nothing can emit radiation without a frequency and thus DC power cannot emit radiation? So my headphones are entirely free from any sort of electro-magnetic radiation? I am asking because I don't know...
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    You are CORRECT. ALL electron flow creates field intensities through induction and from a magnetic perpective, flux densities that DO have an effect on biological tissues. Just what effect...well the research is inconclusive thus far.
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    http://www.cancerhelp.org.uk/about-cancer/what-is-cancer/cells/how-cancer-starts [Broken]

    "You can see from the differences between normal cells and cancer cells that the cancer cell seems to lose a number of vital control systems. This happens because some of the genes in the cell have been damaged or lost. Scientists call this 'mutation'.

    Genes are coded messages inside a cell that tell it how to behave. The genes are codes that tell the cell how to make many different proteins. One gene 'codes' for one protein.

    Proteins are the building blocks that make up a cell. Some proteins act as 'on and off switches' that help to control how a cell behaves. For example, a hormone signal acts on a protein in or on the cell. The protein then sends a signal down a chain of switches. The final signal tells the cell to reproduce by dividing into two.

    Mutation means that a gene has been damaged or lost. A mutation may mean that too much protein is made. Or that a protein is not made at all.

    For example, a signalling protein may be permanently switched on. Other proteins, whose job is to control and limit cell division, may be permanently switched off.

    Something that damages a cell and makes it more likely to be cancerous is called a 'carcinogen'. For example, there are carcinogens in cigarette smoke". ....
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    I have read a lot of research on nanoparticles...How would I find and submit and idea that I have not seen in any medical studies to this point. Also how do I protect my idea as intellectual rights if it is ever used . thanks , Blake
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    I have been coming across multiple peer reviewed studies concerning
    wireless pollution harming us in tandem with our 60 Hz electrical grid (50 Hz as well)

    Many studies are indicating both are harming us and causing DNA damage to our cells
    instead of just pinning it on one or the other

    I can try and find some of the other studies if you are interested

    I think you will find the below link(s) helpful concerning the emerging
    data of cancer and magnetic fields coming at us from all directions
    including cell phones as well as EM energy in the 60 Hertz range can be
    causing cell damage to the brain

    A few years back I ran across the fact that the IARC added to their list
    of possible carcingens in 2002
    that magnetic fields of extremely low frequencies (ELF) were now
    considered a possible carcingen to humans Wireless technology's use the ELF's
    IARC - Internatiional Agency for Research on Cancer
    http://monographs.iarc [Broken]

    Like second-hand smoke, EMF is a complex mixture, where different frequencies,
    intensities, durations of exposure(s), modulation, waveform and other factors is known to
    produce variable effects. Many years of scientific study has produced substantial
    evidence that EMF may be considered to be both carcinogenic and neurotoxic.

    paste from pg 4

    http://www.bioinitiative.org/report/index.htm [Broken]

    http://www.bioinitiative.org/report/docs/section_17.pdf [Broken]

    Prepared for the BioInitiative Working Group
    July 2007

    Effects are not specifically segregated for ELF or RF, since many overlapping exposures
    occur in daily life; and because this is an artificial division based on frequencies as
    defined in physics that has little bearing on the biological effects. Both ELF and RF, for
    example have been shown to cause cells to generate stress proteins, a universal sign of
    distress in plant, animal and human cells.

    I think you will find this BioInitiative Report to be quite the interesting read and
    very eye opening concerning how our cells are becoming more and more
    EM damaged and how this EM damage is leading to more chronic diseases
    as well as multiple cancers
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