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Magnetic fields help

A proton resistor spring system in a magnetic field going out of the page has a mass of proton 1.67*10^-27 kg, a spring constant k=500 N/m and the resistor has r=5Ω. The magnetic field strength is 0.8T.
a) When released from rest, calculate the maximum displacement.
b) What is the net magnetic force acting on the system?
c) When the system is 75% of maximum displacement, calculate the velocity on each of these points.
d) What is the induced current in the spring?
e) How much time is required to produce the current?

I'm just lost on this problem and I'm not sure how to solve this problem. My teacher didn't explain the chapter too well so I would appreciate any help I can get on this.

Andrew Mason

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You will have to provide a better explanation of the problem. Give us the whole problem and any diagrams that go with it.


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