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Magnetic fields & induced current.

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    would increasing the speed at which magnet passes through a coil Increase,Reduce or does not change the ammount of electromagnetic induction?


    personally I would go with increase but wanna see if im right
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    Doc Al

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    Well... what do you base your answer on?
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    I had it all wrong :redface:

    I though the question was like a DC generator.

    I know what it mean and the only effect it would have is the emf value, not the current.

    Thanx for askin what I base my answer on, it made me re-read the question on the past exams and now I understand. Maybe I shouldn't do homework at 2:20 :rofl:
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    the answer is Increase but why? if it moves faster it will have greater emf which is Voltage how does it increase the ammount of ElectroMagnetic Induction? isn't ammount of ElectroMagnetic induction Current?

    can someone clarify this please.

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    Well, what does the emf value mean? You already mentioned it's voltage.
    Now suppose the wire/the coil has a constant resistance (which is a pretty good approximation if you're not running gigantic currents through it): What will happen? You do know Ohm's Law, right?

    Here's the answer in white, in case you won't find it out:
    You should be easily able to see (using V=R*I) that a higher voltage also leads to a higher current!

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    Thanks mate.
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