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Homework Help: Magnetic fields question

  1. Apr 28, 2006 #1
    The magnetic field lines emerge from the north poles to south poles.Why its always true this event? i expect your answers plz... :confused:
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    i think it mite b a law of polarities? north go to south@_@ like positive go to negative electrons
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    If there's NO magnetic field piercing a surface (inward or outward),
    then it is not a pole at all.

    If Magnetic field comes outward through some surface,
    we could call that surface a North pole ... (or it is NEAR a North pole).

    Most precisely, that surface area has "positive magnetic flux" outward.

    The opposite is for magnetic field piercing INto a surface ...
    call it a South Pole, or surrface Area with negative magnetic flux.

    As a definition ... why does this bother you?
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