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Homework Help: Magnetic fields

  1. Feb 3, 2009 #1
    When electricity flows through a coil of wire, what does the resultant magnetic field resemble?

    a the magnetic field of a bar magnet
    b the magnetic field of a horseshoe magnet
    c the magnetic field around a straight wire
    d the magnetic field around a circular magnetic disc.

    ok so i know that it creates a circular like magnetic field like that of a bar magnet, but im not sure if it acts like a bar magnet also having north and south poles which attract and repel, and c doesnt really give me much to think on, so im not sure whether it would be a, b, or d.
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    The question just asks what the field resembles and not what it acts like. You know it resembles that of a bar magnet.
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    o ok thank you
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