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Magnetic Fields

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    Ok, I am not the kind of person who likes BIG words, so this is all going to be simple.

    My question is this, what would happen in you polarized the haul of a space ship say negitive(Doesn't really matter if its neg or pos), then generated an opposite field of energy behind. It would act like two magnites pushing away from each other right? If so, could this be used for space travel?
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    Interesting idea but there is a major structual flaw in it. I'm not sure if you've taken an intro level physics class, but the only way to cause an acceleration of an object is to have an EXTERNAL force acting on it. If you have two collections of charge of the same polarity on board your ship in close proximity, yes, I fully agree that they will repel each other. Only problem is, they are internal to the ship system, and it will go nowhere. This is assuming that I used a second source of charge to have
    One could also create a magnetic field that changes in time at the back of the ship; like a big moving magnet or something, since this induces an electric field, but this idea has the same problems as the above mentioned one.
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