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Homework Help: Magnetic flux help

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    I have a question dealing with magnetic flux that I cannot seem to get. Please help

    Question= A 2m conductor is formed into a square and placed in the xy plane. a magnetic field is oriented 30 degrees above the horizontal with a strength of 6T. What is the magnetic flux through the conductor?
    I would solve this by using the equation: Flux = BAcos(theta) = (6T)(2^2)cos30 = 20.8
    however this answer is incorrect. can anyone tell me what im doing wrong
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    I think you want the angle the field makes with the normal to the plane of the square - not 30 degrees.
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    ok, can you help me find the angle needed for the equation.
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    I would draw a diagram. Draw the plane as a horizontal line, then draw in the normal. Next draw in a line representing the magnetic field, lable the angle between the magnetic field and the plane. You want the angle between the magnetic field and the normal.

    Hope this helps :smile:
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    Theta would be the angle between the Field and the Area Vector.

    Try using your hands :-)
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