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Magnetic flux linkage

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    Hi, this may be really easy but..
    I understand that to have an induced e.m.f , we can either have a rate of change of magnetic flux linkage ( ac source ) or cutting of flux ( like a plate oscillating and cutting through a magnetic field produced by a solenoid ). However does cutting of flux creates a rate of change of magnetic flux linkage ? Is rate of cutting of flux the same as saying rate of change of magnetic flux ? Or are they both different ?
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    Whenever you insert a conductive, moving plate in a magnetic field ( induced by an electromagnet ) the magnetic field will be weakened and will change it's path, also through the electromagnet. Thus the flux will be changed through ( some of ) the windings due to Eddy currents in the the plate, that will induce a counter mmf.

    Flux linkage is the connection between the flux path and flux strength through the windings.

    Even if you insert a non moving iron plate, the magnetic field will be changed steady state due to change of permeability in the surroundings of the magnet.
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