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Magnetic flux quanta

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    What is "Magnetic flux quanta"? is there any animation describing this subject?
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    It is what it says it is, quantized flux.
    The "typical" situation for this to occur would be superconducting ring, where you will find that the flux through the ring is quantized, meaning it is periodic, with phi_0 being h/2e.

    This also gives rise to Abrikosov vortices (quantized "flux tubes") in type II superconductors. If you want to see some movies showing the movement of these you can just search for "vortex" and "superconductor" on Youtube.
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    Thanks for your reply, and please forgive my ignorance. I have read some sentences on wikipedia but unfortunately they all were repelling each other I couldn't understand a thing. Does this "Magnetic flux quanta" mean that Magnetic flux of say a wire carrying current can only take some discrete values? or this quantization happen only in case of interaction with superconductor materials?
    What brought me here is that I am reading on "A Superconduction quantum interference device or SQUID". I can say that these are the parts of physics where reality is mixed with science fiction and It could be sometimes hard to understand.
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