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Magnetic flux

  1. Oct 19, 2009 #1
    Is it possible to have magnetic flux through an open surface ?
    i mean if there is a circular arc and magnetic field at the centre changes with time then will there be any induced emf in the arc ?????????
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    Yes it is possible.

    Magnetic fields travel through space.
    They like to travel through some materials better than others(Ferric), so you can guide them with the right material.

    Flux sometimes means total flow through a surface (a scalar), and sometimes means flow per unit area (a vector).

    In electromagnetism, flux always means total flow through a surface (a scalar).

    Scalar flux is the amount of a vector field going through a surface: it is the integral (over the surface) of the normal component of the field:

    For a closed surface, this equals (Gauss' theorem, or the divergence theorem) the integral (over the interior) of the divergence of the field: .

    Therefore the scalar flux, through a closed surface, of an electric field is proportional to the enclosed charge (Gauss' law: ), and of a magnetic field is zero (Gauss' law for magnetism: ).
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