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Magnetic Force of an electron

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    An electron is accelerated through 2550 V from rest and then enters a region where there is a uniform 1.70 T magnetic field. What are the maximum and minimum magnitudes of the magnetic force acting on this electron?

    F = qvB
    F = (mv^2)/R
    F = qE

    I know q = 1.6*10^-19, B = 1.7, and V = 2550. In order to use F = qvB, all I need is the velocity. I guess I'm just not seeing how the 2550 V is relating into this whole scheme of things. Also, I'm not sure why there is is going to be a F.max and a F.min, and not just one F?

    Appreciate any help.

    Thanks much,
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    Ok, I figured out F.max by just saying:

    .5mv^2 = qV

    F.max = qvB

    However, I'm not sure what F.min is and the difference between F, F.max, and F.min?
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    Bump. Any idea on the F.minimum?

  5. Feb 26, 2008 #4

    The minimum is 0, when the particle is moving in the direction of or opposite the direction of the magnetic field
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