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Magnetic Force problem

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    What is the radius of the smallest possible circular orbit that a 2MeV proton can have in a 2 T magnetic field?

    Answer (what I've got so far, at least):

    I assume that r = mv/qB is the formula I use for this problem, due to being given mass, B, q and all that, but I can't figure out how to apply it. I assume that v sould be replaced with an equation, but I cannot find that equation.

    Plus, it doesn't appear that there can be a "smallest" radius because as long as v is above zero, there will be a radius, but v can get infinitely small.

    Any suggestions?
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    James R

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    The 2 MeV is the kinetic energy of the proton. So, you can work out the velocity v of the proton from the kinetic energy. You also know the charge q on a proton, and you're given B. You'll need the proton mass m, too.

    In calculating v, you'll need to convert the energy in MeV into an energy in Joules.
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