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Homework Help: Magnetic force question

  1. May 3, 2005 #1
    Hi, I am having trouble with my last physics hw question (below):

    When a charged particle moves at an angle of 16° with respect to a magnetic field, it experiences a magnetic force of magnitude F. At what angle (less than 90°) with respect to this field will this particle, moving at the same speed, experience a magnetic force of magnitude 1.5F?

    I'm not sure how to solve it. I've tried using F(mag)= qvB (paralell)

    But this doesn't work! Any help would be appricated (ASAP)!
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    You know that F = qv (cross) B, or qvBsin(theta).

    qvBsin(16) is F1

    1.5F1 = F2
    1.5F1 = 1.5qvBsin(16)

    F2 = qvBsin(theta)

    So basically you want to solve 1.5qvBsin(16) = qvBsin(theta)

    The problem states that q,v, and B are constant.
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