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Homework Help: Magnetic Force, simple length question

  1. Apr 13, 2008 #1
    Univ. Physics Young & Freedman, 12th edition (I am not at home right now, so if you have the book, refer to the picture!!!) - Ch. 27 #62

    A long, straight wire containing a semicircular region of radius .95m is placed in a uniform magnetic field of magnitude 2.2T and length 3m. What is the net magnetic force acting on the wise when it carries a current of 3.4A?

    Ok, my teacher gave us solutions and the length he has for F1=x, F2=2*.95=2.9, F3=1.1-x

    Well, I don't see it that way and so I have F1=x, F2=2*.95=2.9, F3=x

    3=2(.95+x) ... x=.55

    OMG ... LOL, I computed x to be .1 ... I'm sucha dummy.
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