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Homework Help: Magnetic Force

  1. Oct 30, 2014 #1
    1. Wire 1 is oriented along the y axis and carries a current I1. A rectangular loop located to the right of the wire in the xy-plane carries a current I2. Find the magnetic force exerted by wire 1 on the top wire of length b in the loop labeled "Wire 2" in the figure.

    2. F = IL x B

    3. Attached is the picture needed for the problem as well as my attempt at the problem. Can someone please verify that my work is correct?

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    hi mathguy

    1) for a start draw ALL your force directions on the diagram, not just the top one

    2) after you have done that what do you discover about the magnitude and direction of the 4 forces ?
    You don't need Amperes Law to work out the force on the top section of wire

    3) that will give you your answer

    4) for the forces on the 2 sides you can use Amperes Law
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