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Magnetic Generator set up

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    I have seen this pdf (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/julien...mic_research/1_permanent_magnet_generator.pdf), on page 2 they show a picture of the stator and rotor discs. From what I can see here, they have magnets on either side of the copper wire coils (top and bottom). I am fairly new to this, so please bear with me.

    Is my observation correct? Given that I have 1 coil with two opposite magnets on either side, will this still work like a normal magnetic generator with EMF being AC? Or does having the magnets placed like this change the way the EMF is induced (direction)?

    What happens when I place a magnet in the middle, and coils on opposite sides?
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    Note that the "two" rotors are really one rotor. So as that rotor turns, each coil simply sees a north on top and south on bottom, then it sees a south on top and north on bottom, and then it repeats. So assuming the magnets are mounted fairly close to each other you'll get something close to a sine wave coming out of each coil.

    Putting the magnet in the middle and coils on the rotors would still generate some power, but you'd need electrical contacts to get the juice from the coils (and those contacts add friction and also would wear out first, probably).
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    Thanks fleem. I think in the instance where I have the magnet in the middle I would still rotate the magnet then and keep the coils static, should be easier and better. Thanks for the help.
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