Magnetic Induction

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I am not really good at this topic, but I think you would need both the right hand rules (one that involves finding direction of current via magnetic field as well as the one for finding magnetic force)

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So I drew out magnetic lines going from the north pole to the south pole. I am completely lost from there though. How does a magnetic bar being pulled away or towards the wire loop play a role? I got that for A and B, the magnetic field lines are pointing downwards into the loop and for C and D the magnetic field are pointing upwards. Am I wrong in this logic?

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Have you studied Lenz's law yet?
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I figured out how to do the first couple questions using Lenz Law after a lot of reading. However, I still don't know how to relate magnetic force to a circular loop. I get that for A and B, the magnetic field lines are pointing in the loop while for C and D, the field lines are pointing away. How can I find the force from here? I tried to do the right hand rule but it doesn't work
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Force exerted on the magnet will oppose its motion. It is consistent with the Lenz's law.

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