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Magnetic Linear Drive

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    I am trying to build a simple linear drive that is similar to a rack and pinion drive. Others have successfully built such devices with magnetic gears except i want mine to work a little bit different. Basically the system has two racks and one pinion; when you move one rack, the other moves in the opposite direction. I saw a video on you tube that uses an iron peg in between two magnetic gears; this causes the gears to move in the same direction, if you took away the peg they would spin counter to each other just like normal mechanical gears would. Indeed Magnomatics uses this effect in their electric motor to make a new more powerful motor.

    What I would like to do is use that same effect; basically rolling those gears out flat and putting multiple iron pegs, to make a linear drive system. I have included a sketch of what I am proposing, and also a few links to the videos that show this effect in action. From my basic understanding, the fundamentals of a conventional electric motor/generator and a linear motor/generator are the same; so if this effect works for magnetic gears it should also work for a linear system. Am I correct in assuming this? I would like to build a prototype but I figured this would be a good place to start, thank you very much for your input!





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