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I Magnetic Lorentz force

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    Magnetic Lorentz force is the force experienced by any charged particle moving in a magnetic field.i want to clarify some doubts regarding this topic of Magnetic Lorentz force.some of them are:
    1. Is it the Lorentz force that is actually responsible for the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction.if yes..they why does current is not induced while moving in uniform magnetic field.
    2.Lorentz force is given as F=q(v*B). since all motion is relative ,what should be the frame of reference of the motion that we should consider in the motion of the charged particle.what is the motion of charged particle relative to..
    PLEASE give an answer to these humble doubts of this beginner ...
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    It is relative to any inertial frame. The same equations work in any inertial frame.
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    thank you sir. can you give me an answer for my first question..
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    What do you mean by this? Wiki states "Electromagnetic or magnetic induction is the production of an electromotive force (i.e., voltage) across an electrical conductor in a changing magnetic field". So the third Maxwell's law:


    is responsible for induction. You probably want to talk about motion of charge carriers. Then you need to specify which charge carriers you mean. Free-electrons in vacuum?

    Also, about current being induced as a result of motion in magnetic field. What about Hall probes?
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    Current is induced in a conductor moving in a uniform magnetic field.
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