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Magnetic Moment of the Tau Lepton

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    Has the value of the Magnetic Momentic of the Tauon been determined experimentally in Units of Joules/Tesla? I have seen these values for the Electron and Muon. Thanks.
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    Bohr Magneton...

    Bohr Magneton:
    [tex]\mu = \frac{q \hbar}{2m}[/tex]

    The value of the magneton is mass and charge dependent for any nuclear particle, however I prefer the energy and charge dependent equasion version:

    [tex]\mu = \frac{q \hbar c^2}{2E}[/tex]

    Lepton Magneton Moments:
    [tex]\mu_\beta = 9.274*10^-24 J*T^-1[/tex]
    [tex]\mu_\mu = 4.483*10^-26 J*T^-1[/tex]
    [tex]\mu_\tau = 2.656*10^-27 J*T^-1[/tex]

    Due to the extremely short Tau lifetime ~<4*10^-13 s, this makes an experimental measurement extremely difficult and unlikely to disagree with this theory with any great uncertainty.

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