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Magnetic moment

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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

For nickel, which has an atomic magnetic moment of 0.61 and an atomic weight of 58.7, calculate the magnetic moment per kilogram of the material

2. Relevant equations
None given

3. The attempt at a solution

Do I not need density to use formula for saturation magnetization and manulipate to work out magnetic monent?
You don't need the density as you don't need a volume.

How many atoms of nickel are there in 1kg?

If the magnetic moments are all aligned, ...
Ok do I use avogardos number? Multiply that by atomic weight and divide into 1kg? Thanks for reply
Not in the way you described it, but yes you'll need the Avogadro number.
Cracking up, solution please
An atom of nickel has a mass of 58.7 u.
What is the mass of 1u, expressed in kg? Or alternatively, the mass of 1kg, expressed in u?
As a result of that, what is the mass of one atom of nickel in kg?
How many atoms do you need for 1kg?

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