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Homework Help: Magnetic Moments - signs

  1. Feb 28, 2006 #1
    Blard: Consider the hydrogen atom in a magnetic field of 2T. If the atom is its ground state.

    (a) Write down the magnetic moments of the proton and the spinning electron.

    A: For electron Uz = +/- 0.5gUb = - 9.27E-27 J/T

    Since it's the ground state g is 2 (approx)
    My question is what should the sign on the value of the mag moment be, my understanding is the first electron position is the upstate.

    For proton: Uz = +/- 2.79Un = + 1.41E-26 J/T

    Again what should the signs of the mag moment be, I'm assuming it is well defined because it's a hydrogen atom
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