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Magnetic momentum

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    I have a question/question's. first i have to admit i have no background in any science what so ever. limited education, and limited resourses.

    that being said my question/questions are.

    is propulsion via a magnetic force possible?

    would it make travel through space possible?

    would you be able to go from a stationary position ither in space or on earth/ moon even, to an excellerated speed to travel great distances?

    imagine if you wish being inside a magnet, being placed inside a megnetic field you are held in one spot by the forces applied to you, now if that magnetic field was lets say a tube of sorts, and we were a shuttel inside the magnetic field, could u not use the forces to be able to propel your self foreward?

    ok so we have gravity here on earth that could make for some intresting affects, but in space there is no or limited gravity, so there for if we used this for propulsion would u feal the affects of gravity going from a zero start to an excelerated speed?

    basicly would u be like a squashed fly on the wall once the shuttel was propelled foreward?

    could transportation to space be achieved by a magnetic force? ither increasing the magnetisim or what have u?

    thanks in advance and thanks for not laughing lol
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    I have little technical information stored in my brain, but I believe ion rocket engines will operate in the manor you have brought up.
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    Yeah, of course...maglev trains, electric cars, gauss guns and rail guns are good examples.
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    Chi Meson

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    Propulsion via magnetic force. Google "Rail gun."

    And when you say "excellerated speeed," you reveal so many levels of unawareness of physics that you are guaranteed to not understand (right away) much of what can be said on the topic.

    Try to understand what "acceleration" means, and this will help a tremendous amount in undertanding this topic which intrigues you.

    And it's "you," not "u."
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