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Magnetic motor

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    i had got a project of generating elctricity and i thought to make magnetic motor attached to a dc motor or altenator which can produce 20-50 watts or more its free electricity any ideas

    plus if i could make a generator with magnets rotating inside coils of copper wire and if is very effecient
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    Well Ansari. After editing your thread the best I could, I can honestly tell you this. Many of us have passed that road and came to learn how flowed our thinking was. I hope in due cause you will realize that you can not get more (energy) than what you give. Actuallly you always get less. I guess from your statement you have met failure (you said "I had got'').

    About making a generator with magnets rotating inside coils made of copper? Well that is how simple dynamos are made (check your bicycle's dynamo today). How to make them efficient? Now that is a good project. Try.
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