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Magnetic motors

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    I have been doing some research on pure magnetic motors. I have seen countless vidoes on youtube.. [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZI4NDrPQ2rA&feature=related ] for one. In these type of motors use the concept of "reshaping" the magnetic fields to allow unidirectional force on a rotor. they do this by Shielding the lead edge of the magnets (both rotor and stator) to change (reduced the force of )the vector that slows the rotor as the magents approach each other. Once the magnets are lined up.. the vector is pushing straight into the rotor, which causes no force in either direction, but once the magnets have passed the center alignment the vector force is now larger then the force required to bring the next magnet pass the center point...

    I have made a few these shielded magnets.. and I have to say.. I'm a little... convinced that this just may work.. When I use just my hands and pass the two magnets past eachother there is definely more force in one direction then there is the other.

    Has anyone out there tried this? Seen this? or know how i can talk to the dude in the video?

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    Are you trying to make a free energy machine that uses magnets?
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    We all dream of something like that.. but no.. I just want to understand if it's possible..
    Seems to me that once you say the phrase, "Free energy", your labeled a freak, conspiricy threorist or far far worse.. This is an engineering site.. I wanted real answers from real engineers. Therory's are great, until you try to put them into practice.

    I just want to know.. is this possible? simple question. Not so simple answer.
    The next question will be if it is possible. why NOT build one.?
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    Well, I'm having trouble visualizing what you're describing, but my guess is you're missing an important part of the force balance due to a lack of understanding of how magnetic shielding works.

    The best question you can ask yourself about this idea is: since magnets are not an energy source, where is the "motor" supposed to get its energy?

    EDIT- This topic has also been covered some time ago in the S&D forum: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=103813
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