Magnetic mover

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Hey, I'm a high school student After Taking AP PHysics, I really want to create a magnetic mover to make this really cool thing described in the picture, a quick illustration. I want to impress my friends when a can of soda pops out at super fast speed.

What I want to do is create some coils to create a magnetic force when current runs through it, on a magnet. described in 1 and 3. The coil is described in 2. I want to ask if I run the current in one direction, can I change it and will it attract the magnet then can I make it repel?
The image is attached.

Thanks soo much


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You should do a little reading about maglev, and about rail guns. You can use as a starting point for that reading. Once you read those subjects, go ahead and post some more questions here in this thread if you have them.
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I made a railgun in high school. Unfortunately you need a rather excessive (excessive for a high school student with little to no equipment and a poor knowledge of electronics) amount of current to give it some good movement.