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Magnetic Nanoparticles

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    Hello Everybody,

    i would like to ask if anyone around here has any prior knowledge regarding magnetic nanoparticles and their properties and could provide me with a useful link so that i can search deeper and learn more. What i would like mostly to know is if they can emit a magnetic field and the strength of their magnetic field.

    Thank you!
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    Simon Bridge

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    Magnetic materials possess a magnetic field, they do not "emit" one.
    The presence of a magnetic field is why the particle is called magnetic - it's what the word means - so magnetic nanoparticles possess a magnetic field.

    The field strength depends on the material properties of the individual particle and it's synthesis - their properties can vary quite a bit. Perhaps you can be more specific?

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    this link was so helpful!thank you very much!
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    Simon Bridge

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    No worries - sometimes it's just knowing how to sort through information.
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