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I Magnetic pole strength

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    Ok, i've spent lots of hours browsing the web and the library and still this question is burning. How can i calculate, whether it be experimentally or theoretically, the " pole strength" of a magnet. (I have read about the experiment where you divide the work it takes to turn a magnet around a wire by the induced current however the magnet i am trying to analyse is not a real magnet, it is 2 magnetic fields that interact with each other and create the same magnetic field lines that a permenany magnet would). this being said, the ultimate goal of finding the pole strength is to use it in the Gilbert theory equation (https://wikimedia.org/api/rest_v1/media/math/render/svg/434c7a409f34d449baf45e6143cc19a2a40a3e20) to figure out the force that this magnetic field pulls a piece of iron with. So does anyone have any recomendationon how to figure out this value? what experiment to carry out? Or even a different way of figuring out the attraction force between non uniform magnetic field and metal?
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