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Magnetic properties of steel

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    Does anyone know if steel is still magnetic at over it's melting temp? If it does lose it's magnetic properties as a liquid, at what point does it happen? Gradual or at a certain temp?
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    Look up Curie temperature for ferromagnetic materials.
    The ferromagnetic properties are lost way before the melting point.For iron the Curie temperature is about 800 Celsius whereas the melting point is about 1500 Celsius.
    For steel it's a little more complicated as the properties depend on the carbon content.
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    Too bad, I was thinking about incorporating rare earth magnets on the back side of steel when welding to get deeper penetration in hard to get at places.
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    It would lose it properties at the curie temperature. But when welding there is a current running through the steel. And this current will produce a magnetic field. I just don't know if its enough to do anything.
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