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Magnetic Quantum no ?

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    If magnetic quantum no. is zero then component of angular momentum along magnetic field direction will be zero , what does it mean ? What can be said about the orientation of the electron orbit in this case ?
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    Look at the geometry of the s-orbital. What does it look like?

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    Suppose the magnetic field is along the z-direction (which is what we usually assume). If the z-component of a vector (any vector, not just the angular momentum vector) is zero, what are the possible directions of that vector? What characteristic do all those directions have in common?
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    Ok, then we have the planar configuration for the referred vector. But one thing is m = 0 imply deterministically the Lz to be zero. Another thing is to have m = 0 as an implication of Lz to be ZERO in some statistical sense, i.e. in average. As in the first answer, the s orbital (spherical) has zero Lz, but just when done the average.

    Thus, if a quantum state has an associated eigenvalue m = 0, we may conclude that Lz aplied on this state yield eigenvalue zero, which has to do with spatially global feature of the state.

    In conclusion, I think that the picture of a planar vector must not correspond to quantum states with m = 0.

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