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Magnetic Question

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    I am new to the field of magnetics and therefore my question will probably be elementary but here goes. If I have 2 neodymeum magnets both the size of a 12 0z can of coke and I place the cans positive pole to positive pole they will repel each other with a certain force and for argument sake say at 1 inch apart.
    Question: If I were to take one of those can sized magnets and place its positive pole against the positive pole of another neodymium magnet the size of a 2 liter bottle at one inch distance apart would there be more repulsive force ?
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    Assuming that the larger magnet has the same magnetization as its smaller counterpart, then yes, I'm fairly certain that there will be a greater repulsive force.

    BTW, remember that magnetization is the number of magnetic dipoles per volume. So a larger magnet can be weaker, if it has fewer magnetic dipoles.
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