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Magnetic question

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    I have a question about magnetic bars. If we froze a magnetic bar down to zero Kelvin, does it still have a magnetic field?
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    Without wishing to sound rude, we cannot reach absolute zero [in a finite number of processes], so your question is moot. And as an aside the magnetic would not 'freeze'.
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    OK, we can not reach absolute zero, but we can reach as low as several K. So what does the magnetic field change when the m-bar is freezed to that low temperature? Will it increase or decrease?
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    Maybe you should consider this. How would one destroy the magnetic strength of a permanent magnet? Does one chill down to low temperatures, or does one heat it up? If you can answer this question (which, I think, is something that is covered in elementary science classes), then you have a clue in the answer to your question.

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