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Magnetic Repulsion force help

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    When two permanent magnets (on the same plane) have the same poles facing each other they repel directly away from each other (Ex. horizontally). If you hold a magnet above another (North poles horizontally facing each other) and move it down vertically to the plane of the lower one, there also seems to be some vertical repulsion, while the magnet is being lowered. I uploaded a picture to better explain what I am saying http://hostitwith.us/files/373/magnets.gif How do you figure out the magnitude of the vertical repulsion force relative to the horizontal repulsion force.
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    The repulsion force will depend only on the distance between the two magnets. The vertical repulsion force will be exactly the same as the horizontal repulsion force at the same distance.

    Of course, in a vertical situation, where the two magnets are not being supported by table, you will also have gravitational force- but that's completely separate from repulsion force of the magnets.
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