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Magnetic Repulsion

  1. Aug 26, 2014 #1
    Hi Guys! I have a, rather general, question regarding the nature of magnet repulsion.

    When two opposite poled magnets are put in contact, they naturally attract, but if two like poled magnets meet they would repel. Using such information:

    -When two like poles repel, why do they not repel in a "straight" line (on a horizontal plane 180 degrees)? It seems like they naturally want to shift aside inside of away.

    To put a visual concept to my question. If I were to lay dawn a south poled circular plate and then place another south poled plate on top of it, it would simply repel vertically until it essentially "hovers".

    If you have some great reads, link'em!
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    Thank you Drakkith. Very helpful. Seems like there is a theory for everything these days!
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