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Magnetic simulation

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    I want to simulate a permanet magnets separator. I need to know the attraction force betwen the magnets and some materials like iron. I don´t know what software i have to use. Thank you for any help.
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    Here's a thread where I got some suggestions on magnetic field simulation software:


    I ended up downloading the evaluation version of QuickField:


    It has some pretty good intro/tutorial screen playbacks to get you going. The evaluation version is a bit limited in number of finite elements (256), but should work for you. Several of the other packages mentioned in the thread have evaluation or student versions.
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    Ok, it may works. Thank you.
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    I found a problem. The 2D model design doesn´t allow to create a real model. Do you know a 3D program?. Thank you one more time.
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    Did you check out the other software packages mentioned in the thread?
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    No i did´t try.
    Now im waiting for a evaluation version of Ansys Multiphysics. As i can read, is the best choice but im not sure about the magnet forces simulations in 3D. In a days i´ll tell you how it works. Thak you very much for your help.
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