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Magnetic susceptibility

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    Suppose there is a line of atoms X and Y. For atom Y, S = L = 0, but not for the atom X. The arrangement is like this:

    --X-Y---X-Y---X-Y---X-Y-- (periodical)

    In the following 2 cases, will the magnetic moment depend on whether the magnetic field is applied to the right or to the left? (The atoms are close enough to each other so that they orbitals may overlap.)

    Case 1:
    No exchange interaction.

    Case 2:
    Ferromagnetic exchange interaction exists between atoms X.
    Atoms X have a spin-orbit coupling.

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    There might be a material that through one end is an isolator for positive particles, but a supraleader for negative.
    What if there is a such a material?
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    Hi QuantumNet,

    All materials are like this in some sence: the electrons are mobile, but the protons are not.

    And in a diode the situation is uni-directional.

    (Of course this has nothing to do with my original question).
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