Magnetic torque experiment

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Homework Statement

please refer to this website

bascially it wants me to measure torque as a function of
1) strength of magnetic field between 2 helmholtz current coil (constant b-field)
2) angle between the magnetic field and the magnetic moment
3) strength of the magnetic moment

The Attempt at a Solution

can anyone enlighten me what the experiment wants me to find exactly?

it seems to be asking me to measure torque, but how do i measure torque?

torque = magnetic moment X mag field = uBsin(Theta)
so since the B-field is constant between the helmholtz current coil,

for 1) i am suppose to vary the current in the coil to produce different strength of constant B-field right?
2) since the conductor is suspended in air, how am i suppose to hold it still to vary the angle? since the b-field of the helmholtz loops are always the same.
3)since B-field is cconstant, i can only vary mag moment, so u = current x area of coil, so since area of coil is constant, i can vary current only

Last but most important, how am i suppose to measure the TORQUE physically? the picture kind of shows a measuring rotating stuff on top but i have no idea what it means?

can torque be measured physically? thanks
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The experiment apparatus has a Torsion dynamometer, 0.01 N listed. It is the device above the coils. It measures torque directly. Google "torsion Dynamometer" and the manufacturer name and you can see a close up of the device and download the manual if you like.
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thank you very much!

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