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Magnetic warp drive

  1. Dec 5, 2011 #1

    What do you think about Warp drive?
    And what do you think about it, if the warp bubble is created with a magnetic field?

    Thank you.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Welcome to PF.

    By "Warp Drive" do you mean some form of FTL?
    I'm afraid you have to explain your terms, like "warp bubble".

    If you do mean FTL, do you know the problems an FTL drive would have to overcome?
    There's a nice overview here.
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    I mean warp drive as FTL, and warp buble as FTL from magnetic field instead of gravitational.

    Thank for URL.
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    Warp drives are purely speculative and involve exotic negative matter, horrendous amounts of energy and possibly need FTL particles to steer the thing. There is no way magnetic fields could be used to generate this.

    This paper which is further discussed in this paper proposes ways of getting around the horrendous energy requirements outlined in this paper. The "trick" is to change the warp bubble so that it's exterior radius is microscopic yet the interior radius is large enough to accommodate your vehicle (essentially making a warp bubble that's bigger on the inside than on the out). Apparently this would greatly shrink the amount of energy needed to manageable levels. They don't outline how exactly a shell could be build around a ship in such a fashion nor how the ship could leave.

    However neither of these approaches fixes the other problems of a warp bubble such as requiring the construction of an exotic matter shell, superluminal signalling to steer/control the bubble and the huge amount of radiation a warp drive subjects you to. There are some interesting (but technical) objections in this paper that apparently show that a warp drive would only be capable of very low velocities as well as highlighting other problems.

    So without exotic matter that may not even exist we are stuck to trying to make slower than light vehicles. To make an interstellar vehicle would be fantastically complex though requiring horrific amounts of energy (even if we used an antimatter rocket we would need potentially thousands-millions of tonnes for a high fraction of c.) as well as a thorough understanding of ecology so as to make a stable environment in a closed system to keep the occupants alive.
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    All right.
    Thank you for the post and articles.
    But changed by the amount of energy, if using electromagnetic fields rather than the gravitational field?
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    Ok you seem to misunderstand what I have said; it has nothing to do with gravitational or electromagnetic fields. Assuming a warp bubble is possible you would need exotic negative mass matter and as far as I understand there is no good reason to think that this does or could exist.
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    I understand.
    But the Internet is a lot of references to the exotic negative mass(energi).
    For example, the Casimir effect, which is very known.

    But I think EM field is stronger then gravitation,so I think there may
    may lower energi to create warp buble.
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    And there is no indication that this could be used to make a warp bubble.
    Stop posting this over and over, it is senseless. Neither gravity nor electromagnetism can be used to make a shell of negative mass. From now on only post links to peer-reviewed reseach, anything else will cause this thread to be locked.
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