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Magnetically coupled circuit problems

  1. Aug 15, 2010 #1

    In this circuit i have got the following mesh equations :

    mesh 1:


    mesh 2:


    But in the book there is no j4 present. Why is that ?? I have tried with the -j4 term and the answer is not right. please help


    Here is mesh 1:


    mesh 2:

    ( j20+j10)I2-j5I1-j10I1=0

    but here in mesh2 why is the term (-2*j5)I2 is missing in the book as i can see the current I2 is in series with them.


    MEsh 1 is :

    (20+j10)I1-10jI2+j5I2=0 [i have done]

    (j10+j20-10j)I1+j5I2=0 [by book]

    how comes the (-j5*2) comes as current I1 is not series with those inductors

    MEsh 2 :


    but the book left the term (-2*j5)I2 but why ??

    Those are some critical problems i m having. Please help me solving those problems.
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