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Homework Help: Magnetically Powered Hovercraft / Absolute Zero

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    Hey everybody I'm new to this website, so if I'm doing anything wrong just tell me. Also, I may ask some really stupid questions but that's just because im 13 years old. Anyways here goes...

    I'm making hovercrafts for a 7th grade science fair project. I think I'm going to make 2 air powered hovercrafts and one magnetically powered hovercraft.

    About the magnetically powered hovercraft I have a question. (and if the first question is wrong skip the rest of the post)

    1) Do magnets grow stronger the nearer they are to absolute zero temperature?

    2) If Q#1 is true, since I've heard it's impossible to achieve absolute zero on earth, what is the easiest way to get even remotely near it? Or am I way above my head with this?

    Anyways thanks.

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    Welcome Emo.

    Sorry to tell you this, but you're way above your head with this. :smile:

    Absolute zero is 273 degrees below the freezing point of water. Bear in mind that your domestic freezer might go down to 15 degrees below zero (Celcius) you'll understand that getting anywhere near absolute zero is just not within the scope of a high school lab, let alone a hovercraft.

    You may have got your idea from hearing about things like MRI scanners. These produce a massive magnetic field produced by superconducting magnets (AFAIK a few degrees off absolute zero).

    Feel free to keep posting your ideas, most people will be willing to help as long as you stick to the guidelines! Good luck.
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    Alright thanks. I thought it would be really, really, really hard to accomplish.
    Just had to check.

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