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Magnetism and gravity?

  1. Oct 13, 2004 #1
    Hello all,
    My physics group is planning an experiment that involes the effects of magnets on fluid dynamiscs in a weighless enviroment. Unfortunately, we, and our advisor, are unsure if gravity has any effect upon a magnetic feild. Anybody know?
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    If you are asking does gravity affect the magnitude and direction of a magnetic field as decribed by classical equations, then strictly speaking, I believe it does. BUT this would only be in cases of very high gravitational fields (like near black holes, etc...).

    But on the earth, I would not expect any measurable effect.
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    In terms of classical equations there would be no effect at all. In general relativity there is (gravity bends light and light is, after all, electromagnatism).
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    What he said. :smile: I kludged my words.
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    thanks all, i kind of figured for any measureable effect to occur, things would have to be a much much larger scale.
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