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Magnetism and human exposure limit

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    Hey this is more of a general question than a problem...
    What happens to a human body after it has reached its magnetic exposure limit (.2 Telsa)? Does the magnetism pull iron out of the blood stream, or cause any severe or fatal health issues? Something must happen, or else there would be no limit. My Physics AP teacher is offering extra credit if we can find any information, so if you know of any sites or can explain it to me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks a lot.
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    well I just happened to be checking this out not long ago because of a thread on sci.physics

    from Lawrence Livermore National laboratory we have:

    A congress report 110 pages long

    Not time varying magnectic or electric feild can be much more dangrous then static feild can be. Some people have died experimenting from time varying magnectic feilds. That is what I have read at lest.
    Document from NASA on time varying feilds 38 pages:

    From IEEE we have:(I dont know how old this one is)

    Exposure limit depends on may factors I suggest starting witht he IEEE link.
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    Right about now you are more then likly screaming too much... to much info. But here I go anway.
    Hmm some abstracts of articles on the subject

    intresting articles on what people thought magnectic feild did to the brain:
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    Thanks a bunch...the information is very helpful, not to mention interesting...although I do feel some pity for the rats and mice.
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