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Magnetism problem

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    Here it is...

    The diagram shows a current balance loop that includes the conductor where l1 and l2 represent the segments of its length.

    You have been asked to do an experiment that anazlyzes the relationship between magnetic field strength and current in a solenoid by plotting a graph. To make the necessary calculations for the graph you have been given the following possible headings for a data table:

    Length 1
    Length 2
    Length of the solenoid
    Current of the solenoid
    Current in the current balance
    Number of coil windings in the solenoid
    Mass required to balance the current balance.

    From the listing select the variables required to construct the data table.

    I'm very confused with this question, I think the ones I would choose would be Length 1, Length 2, Current in the balance, and current of the solenoid.

    Can you tell me if thats right, and if not help me understand the right answer?

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    Andrew Mason

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    It would be useful to have the diagram. What are L1 and L2 exactly? In a solenoid there is only one wire and it is coiled around an iron (usually) core.

    In any event, since Ampere's law says that the magnetic field of a solenoid depends only upon:

    [tex]\oint B\cdot dl = BL_{sol} = \mu I_{encl}[/tex]


    [tex]I_{encl} = nI[/tex] where n is the number of windings.

    what does that tell you about the relevant factors?

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