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Homework Help: Magnetism Problems

  1. Feb 8, 2004 #1
    Problem 1.
    A proton moves perpandicularly to a magnetic field that has a magnitude of 4.70*10^-2 T.
    What is the speed of the particle if the magnitude of the magnetic force on it is 2.12*10^-14 N? Answer in m/s.
    Note: What formula should I use?

    Problem 4.
    A proton moves straight upward (away from the ground) through a uniform magnetic field that points from east to west and has a magnitude of 4.7 T.
    a. If the proton moves with a speed 1.5*10^7 m/s through this field, what is the magnitude of the force acting on it? Answer in N.
    Note: What formula should I use?

    Problem 8.
    The magnetic force on a straight 0.37m segment of wire carrying a current of 4.5 A is 0.60 N.
    What is the magnitude of the component of the magnetic field that is perpendicular to the wire? Answer in T.
    Note: What should i do first?

    Problem 10.
    Given: g=9.81m/s^2.
    A thin 2.18m long copper rod in a uniform magnetic field has a mass of 52.2g. When the rod carries a current of 0.260 A, it floats in the magnetic field.
    What is the field strength of the magnetic field? Answer in T.
    NOte: Where do i start?
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    Tom Mattson

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    Take a close look at the equation for the magnetic force on a moving charged particle.

    Take a close look at the equation for the magnetic force on a current-carrying wire.

    Draw a free body diagram, and balance the forces.
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