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Homework Help: Magnetism question

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    What causes the attraction or repulsion between magnetic poles? Answer this from the perspective of an electron.

    There are two kinds of electric charges: positive and negative.
    • Charges exert forces on other charges at a distance.
    • The force is stronger when the charges are closer together.
    • Like charges repel; opposite charges attract.
    There are two kinds of electric charge, positive and negative. Interactions of these charges explain the attraction and repulsion
    Coulomb’s law states that the force between two charged particles varies
    directly with the product of their charges and inversely with the square of
    the distance between them.
    An electron will push the similar charge electron away
    causing them to spread farther
    apart. A positively charged (different charge of electron)
    attracts some of the electrons,
    causing forcing them to attract.

    What is the difference in the properties of an electric charge vs. a magnetic charge?

    you cannot separate charges in magnets, the electron in magnets have north ans south pole.
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    Is this a homework question ? It seems to be a collection of questions and statements about Coulomb's law. It is confused. Please look up some elementary facts about electric and magnetic fields. You could start here
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