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Homework Help: Magnetism question

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    I am currently working on a problem that states...
    An electron experiences the greatest force as it travels 2.0x10^6 m/s in a magnetic field when it is moving southward. The force is upward and of magnitude 2.3x10^-12 N. What is the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field?

    I started with the equation F=qvB and came out with B=(qv)/F since im trying to find the magnitude of the magnetic field. That calculates to
    B=((1.6x10^-19)(2x10^6))/(2.3x10^-12) but does not come out to a correct awnser. Is there anything I am doing wrong?
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    It should be F/qv. To catch mistakes like this, you should use units in your work, or at least keep them in mind.
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    oops, thanks for catching that
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