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Homework Help: Magnetism (theory questions)

  1. Jun 18, 2007 #1
    hi, i have a question that i dont really get, so anyone to help?

    Explain, using the domain theory , why heating or dropping a magnet can cause it to lose its magnetization?

    thanks to anyone who would help
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    Other people are going to be able to answer this better, but hopefully this will get you on the right track:

    Domains in permanent magnets are kind of like miniature magnets within the magnet. All of the atoms in a domain are arranged in the same direction so their magnetic fields line up. Domains are in a sense the step between the whole magnet and an atom.

    When you heat up or drop a magnet you can cause disruptions in these domains. For example cracks may form from dropping, and heating causes more movement of the atoms which makes it easier for them to misalign. When the domains go in different directions from each other, their magnetic fields do not align as much and therefore the overall magnet loses it's strength.
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    thanks a lot, i got the idea and concept
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