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Magnetohydrodynamics question

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    Hey, I was trying to find out how to calculate velocity of water through a magetohydrodynamic thruster given current, dimensions, pure water etc and google did not help me in my search, any help appreciated.
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    As far as I know there really is no easy solution to such a problem and you will likely require a substantially complex computer simulation. You would need a series of fluid flow equations that are essentially the Navier-Stokes equations with an added term for the body force added by the magnetic field. You would also need Ampere's Law, if I recall correctly. If you wanted an accurate answer you might need to have a species evolution equation that tracks the ionization of your fluid so that you can get an accurate body force (though I suppose you could probably assume that to be constant). Then coding up and solving those equations in your given system will be required, which is not trivial.

    Someone with more MHD knowledge can correct me if I am wrong anywhere up there, as I don't generally deal with the "M" portion of that field.
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