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Magnetomotive force

  1. Jul 8, 2005 #1
    what is magnetomotive force? what causes it? what does it affect? and if 1 At is produced by a wire bent in a circualr shape carrying 1 A, why would the same wire produce 50 At if it was bent 50 times instead of once?
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    In simple terms, magnetomotive force is the effort exerted in creating a magnetic field. Increasing either the number of turns or the current in the coil will increase the mmf. The same changes will also increase the flux if the medium in which the coil is can carry more flux. To find the magnitude of the mmf a formular

    mmf=turns x current

    having more turns, say 50 increases the mmf since we add the mmfs "efforts" for all the turns. Each section of the coil (turn) contributes to the overall mmf.
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